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Executive Summary

  1.  Two-way voice communication (without the need for resident telephone service); provides better protection for your residents, and makes staff more efficient.

  2.  The responder does not need to be at a fixed location to receive emergency calls; eliminates the need to have someone at the Central Station at all times.

  3.  Automatic system self-testing; all batteries are monitored and low batteries are  automatically reported to the central station, also in-room unit failures are automatically reported to the central station.

  4.  Out-of-room and site-wide coverage; system protects your residents everywhere in  the community.  This redundancy provides extremely high system reliability.

  5.  Wi-FI Compatibility.  Emergency Calls can be sent over your existing Wi-Fi  network.

  6.  In-room paging; system allows you to make announcements into the residents’ rooms.
  7.  Call acknowledgement; eliminates any chance of ignoring the call.  Also logs response time of the responder if desired.

  8.  Automatic inactivity alarm for resident check-in; eliminates the need for residents to press an “I’m OK” button everyday.  System automatic detects resident activity.

  9.  Ability to interface with smoke detectors, carbon monoxide detectors, door/window alarms, fall alarms, bed alarms, high water alarms, etc.

10.  Battery Back-up; 24 hours back-up with automatic recharge.

11.  In-room unit automatically reprograms itself; greatly reduces the amount of time on-site maintenance staff spends on tending to the system.

12.  Central Station Computer; logs all system activity, including response time and provides meaningful management reports.

13.  3-year warranty; includes system components, including batteries.

14.  Perhaps our greatest feature and your greatest benefit is Digital Care Systems, a caring company committed to you and your residents, with the highest standard in customer service to all staff members at every level within your community.

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